Top 5 SEO Pitfalls

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Previously, method of internet marketing is not used by the entrepreneurs for the promotion of their business. However, a website can be observed for each and every company now-a-days. More than 500 websites are developed in a minute. Therefore, process of marketing has become really competitive. SEO Services London has been trying to provide best possible online experience. In this way, it is also made sure that the website can be found in the first page of SERP.

However, everyone may not be aware of the best practices related of SEO. Lots of misinformation may be delivered on several occasions. Due to this reason, SEO pitfalls are suffered by the companies.

Some of the SEO pitfalls are enumerated below which you must try to avoid at every give occasion.

Duplicate Content

Lot of trouble can be created online due to presence of duplicate content within the website. However, you may not be aware of the fact that most of these contents are duplicated unintentionally. However, search engine cannot understand the intent behind content while deciding rank for the site. Therefore, duplicate content must be identified correctly and proper measures must be taken at the time too.

Several tools can be found that may help to detect duplicate content.

Poor Backlinks

Link building is an essential part of SEO agency‘s services. Therefore, adequate measures must be taken while using the strategy. Every link cannot be considered as a good one. There are some bad links also. It may come from link directories, irrelevant pages or spam website. Rank in the search engine may be decreased due to these links.

Therefore, you must choose the links carefully. Enough data about the backlink must be collected before using it with your website. Credibility and rank can be preserved in the process.

Over-Optimization of Keywords

Targeted keywords must be included within every page of the website. It is certainly an effective idea. However, overuse of keywords may be damaging for brand reputation. Relevant pages are generally displayed based on search. If single keyword is used for different pages of a website then it may create confusion in the mind of search engine regarding the decision.

Instead of single keywords, multiple keywords can be chosen for the website.

Title Tags

Importance is given to title tags always. It is essential for page ranking. Titles are generally featured in the SERP. On social media sites, it may be showcased also. Some of the common mistakes are generally seen with the titles. Sometime, it is pretty long or too short. More than 60 characters must not be used for title tags ever. Space must not be wasted at the same time.

Meta Descriptions

On the result page query, Meta Description is generally featured. Preview of the page is generally provided with the process. If the Meta Description is written badly or it is filled with keywords then it may create an adverse effect.

For the customers, good description is essential. In a simple and short sentence, you must try to explain about the page. Only primary keyword can be included here.